Jan 18, 2018

The God Whom We Are to Fear

1 Min Read

Here's an excerpt from The God Whom We Are to Fear, K. Scott Oliphint's contribution to the January issue of Tabletalk:

Christians need not fear God because they fear eternal punishment; Christ has taken that fear away. We need not fear God because we fear He will go back on His promises, or will, in the end, not accept us. Christians fear God, in the first place, because we recognize that the radiance of His infinite, eternal and majestic character would, simply by its majesty, stamp us out of existence. We fear God because we know that if we were to see Him in all His glory, we would be no more. And then we approach Him with reverence and awe because we know that such an approach “fearfully” acknowledges the One who is, in His condescension, revealed to us, but who also infinitely, eternally and immutably continues to shine with a brightness that no human could endure. God is to be feared because of who He is in the fullness of His majestic being.

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