Oct 20, 2011

Go Digital with Reformation Trust Books

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When Reformation Trust Publishing started in mid-2006, we had 3 titles. Now not only do we have a library of more than 40 titles, but they are all available as eBooks. Find titles ranging from The Masculine Mandate to The Prince's Poison Cup for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook, or other device. Get a complete list of Reformation Trust titles here.

While Kindle books need to be purchased directly from Amazon, you can purchase eBooks for other devices directly from Ligonier.org. Here are some frequently asked questions:

What format are eBooks?

eBooks are ePub files, which is currently the most popular open book format in
the world.

What kind of devices read ePub files?

iPhones, the iPod Touch, iPads, Sony Readers, and Nooks are a few of the devices that read ePub files. You may also view ePub files on your computer by using Adobe Digital Editions. Additional devices and reader applications may be found here.

If you have a different device that one listed here, please check with the manufacturer to ensure it can read ePub files. The Kindle does not read these files, but Amazon does sell all Reformation Trust titles in the Kindle format.

How do I download my eBook(s)?

After purchasing the eBook, you will be directed to your Account (you must set up a Ligonier account to access your data and all electronic files). You will see the title listed as well as a "File" link. Click on "File" and the ePub file will be downloaded to your computer. You may then move the file to your designated software and upload to your device.

iTunes instructions on adding ePub files to iBooks

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