Mar 6, 2014

Give Me Scotland, or I Die

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Here's an excerpt from "Give Me Scotland, or I Die", Burk Parsons' contribution to the March issue of Tabletalk:

Perhaps more than anything else, John Knox is known for his prayer "Give me Scotland, or I die." Knox's prayer was not an arrogant demand, but the passionate plea of a man willing to die for the sake of the pure preaching of the gospel and the salvation of his countrymen. Knox's greatness lay in his humble dependence on our sovereign God to save His people, revive a nation, and reform His church. As is evident from his preaching and prayer, Knox believed neither in the power of his preaching nor in the power of his prayer, but in the power of the gospel and the power of God, who sovereignly ordains preaching and prayer as secondary means in the salvation of His people.

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