Jun 22, 2015

Get a Reformation Resource Package for a Gift of Any Amount

2 Min Read

We invest in people every day at Reformation Bible College (RBC) on our campus in Central Florida, and this investment is already paying off.

Let me share some words from the mother of one of our students, Isaac:

"Isaac has been blessed by the leadership and professors at RBC. These men and women genuinely take an interest in the academic studies as well as the daily sanctification of each student. We are eternally grateful to RBC for a God-centered curriculum and undergraduate college alternative to secular education."

We need your help to keep investing in students like Isaac. Our aim is to raise funds for scholarships and operational support by July 31 in order to invest in students in the coming academic year. Will you stand with us by giving a gift of any amount to this effort?

We're committed to maintaining an unparalleled level of excellence at RBC while keeping tuition affordable for students. Nearly 90 cents of every dollar invested goes directly to supporting these students in their classroom learning experience. In God's providence, that is possible only as friends like you join this mission.

Even now, there are students who are attending RBC only because of the generous support of friends who believe in this mission. Just last fall, one $500 scholarship made the difference in enabling a student to continue classes. That shows the value of every gift to RBC.

Generous gifts will enable us to fund our scholarships for the new academic year and meet other expenses related to faculty and facilities so that we can continue to provide an excellent education in the things of God.

To thank you for your gift this month, we will send you a special resource package that goes to the heart of what we are teaching our students. This package includes Reformation Profiles, a 7-message DVD series on key figures of the Reformation by the president of RBC and Ligonier's chief academic officer, Dr. Stephen Nichols, as well as my 10-message DVD series God Alone, which covers the doctrines of grace recovered in the Reformation.

Your support of Reformation Bible College is an investment in the future of the church, and there is no surer investment than an investment in God's kingdom. Can I count on your much-needed help this month?

Note: Offer expires 7/31/2015. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery after your gift is processed. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For federal income tax purposes, the deductible portion of your charitable contribution is limited to the excess of the money contributed over the value of the goods provided. Our good faith estimate of the value of these resources is $70. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada only. Thank you for your support.