Nov 24, 2014

Get R.C. Sproul's Acts Commentary for a Gift of Any Amount

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I'm not talking about a Hollywood blockbuster—I'm referring to the New Testament book of Acts.

The thrilling events recorded in Acts make it a great read. But what is most exciting is the power of the preached Word of God as seen in Acts. Each time the Apostles preach the gospel in Acts, they do so boldly and accurately. And each time, people are converted to Christ.

The overarching message of Acts is that when the power of God's Word is faithfully preached, God uses it to save sinners and to build up believers.

Acts tells us only about the beginning of God's work through His people in this new covenant. By His amazing grace, he continues to work powerfully through people like you and me. Through the work at Ligonier Ministries, you make it possible for us to come alongside Christ's church to help equip people to faithfully proclaim and defend the gospel, and to make disciples.

As part of this mission, we create tools to help people understand and apply the Bible. To that end, we produced the commentary Acts in the St. Andrew's Expositional Commentary Series.

In this work, I look at how the early church proclaimed and defended the gospel. The Apostles' world was similar to ours, with Christians having to face many different religious beliefs and philosophies, as well as hostility from the culture. This makes Acts especially pertinent in our lives today.

I want you to have a copy of my commentary Acts because I believe it can help you better proclaim and defend the gospel. It is yours this month for a gift of any amount to Ligonier.

When you give your gift, you will receive this commentary, and you will support radio outreach, the distribution of free media online, print resources such as Tabletalk magazine, and the other translation work Ligonier does around the world.

Will you help us preach the gospel this month?

Note: Offer expires 12/31/14. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery after your gift is processed. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For federal income tax purposes, the deductible portion of your charitable contribution is limited to the excess of the money contributed over the value of the goods provided. Our good faith estimate of the value of this resource package is $33. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada only. Thank you for your support.