May 14, 2015

Get 160+ Hours of Trusted Teaching for a Gift of Any Amount

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Do you want to help make as many disciples of Christ as possible? I do.

Why is this my passion and, indeed, the passion of Ligonier Ministries? It's because we love Christ, who commands us to make disciples of all nations.

The nations can't be discipled if God's people don't know what they believe and why they believe it. That's why I'm also committed to helping equip believers in the faith. We know firsthand that understanding the "what" and "why" we believe blesses us in all of life. Our worship is enriched, our zeal for Christ is enflamed, our love for His people is strengthened, and our growth in godly wisdom is advanced.

I'm excited about the digital outreach of Ligonier Ministries because it enables us to reach the nations. With our digital outreach, we are assisting the church in making disciples around the world, even in places that are closed to traditional missions work. Our digital outreach is also reaching many people who have never heard of Christ.

And we need your support to continue and expand this critical work.

When I look at the growth of our digital ministries, I'm encouraged by the impact Ligonier friends like you are having on the world. Last year alone, for example, more than 3.3 million people visited and accessed 26 million pages of trusted content, much of it for free.

This isn't about extending Ligonier's influence—it's about raising up disciples who will themselves disciple others. It's about calling the church to fidelity in her mission to reach the world with the unchanging gospel.

That's why we have an aggressive plan to increase our already substantial kingdom outreach through digital media. In addition to our existing social media presence, RefNet online Christian radio, and podcasts, we're developing a new online version of Tabletalk with content above and beyond the print magazine. We're also working on Portuguese and Spanish versions of our resources and social media initiatives to help bring about a new Reformation among those whose first language isn't English.

Digital outreach is particularly important for making disciples in those parts of the world where access to theological education and resources is limited. Christian pastors and leaders in other countries who lack theological training, as well as laypeople who want to grow deeply in their faith, can engage in focused study through Ligonier Connect.

Your support enables this, and as thanks for your gift of any amount to Ligonier's outreach this month, we will send you a 64 GB USB drive loaded with more than 160 hours and 10,000 pages of Ligonier teaching content (500 pages in Spanish). We're also distributing these free of charge to pastors around the world to aid them in making disciples.

Will you help us proclaim the gospel to the world using digital media?

Note: Offer expires 6/30/2015. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery after your gift is processed. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For federal income tax purposes, the deductible portion of your charitable contribution is limited to the excess of the money contributed over the value of the goods provided. Our good faith estimate of the value of these resources is $13. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada only. Thank you for your support.