Dec 7, 2018

Foundations of Grace, A New Teaching Series from Steven Lawson

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The doctrines of grace are not a sixteenth-century invention. They didn’t begin with Martin Luther or John Calvin. Rather, they are God’s doctrines—revealed in His Word, rooted in eternity past, and accomplished in history.

In Foundations of Grace, a new two-volume teaching series, Dr. Steven Lawson surveys the Old and New Testaments, exploring what the biblical authors taught about God’s mercy, majesty, and sovereign grace in salvation. On every page of the Bible, we see this glorious truth: we are saved by God, from God, for God.

These much-anticipated series are now available for purchase on Order the Old Testament and New Testament volumes on DVD, CD, or as a digital download, or enroll in the Ligonier Connect course. In addition to these series, you can also purchase the companion book by Dr. Lawson.

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