Feb 4, 2014

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, February 2014

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The February issue of Tabletalk is out. This issue examines the biblical doctrine of eternal punishment. This doctrine has come under increasing attack in recent years, not only by those outside the church who ridicule the very idea, but also by many within the church who reject it for misguided reasons. Many argue that the doctrine of hell is unjust. Others argue that it is unloving. Some argue that it is inconsistent with the idea of God's victory over evil. The reasons for the rejection of the doctrine of hell are many and varied, but the fundamental question remains the same: What hath God said? When we focus on this question, the answer is clear. The consistent teaching of the Bible is that those who reject Christ will be cast into the lake of fire, where they will be punished forever.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with John MacArthur, Robert A. Peterson, John Blanchard, Christopher W. Morgan, Steven J. Lawson, R.C. Sproul Jr., Michael Reeves, Brad Waller, Jay E. Adams, Joe Carter, Tim Challies, Albert N. Martin, and Eric B. Watkins.

We do not post all of the feature articles or the daily devotionals from the issue, so you'll have to either purchase the issue or subscribe to get those. But for now, here are links to several free columns and articles from this month:

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Here's a preview of what's coming up in Tabletalk over the coming months:

The Scottish Reformation

The March issue will offer a helpful overview of the Scottish Reformation and its influence on the development of the concept of liberty.

The Great Commission

The April issue will focus on the Great Commission given by Jesus and explore how to apply this command to actual situations Christians face every day.

What's So New About the New Covenant?

The May issue will examine the biblical doctrine of the new covenant and will seek to clarify exactly what is new and different about the new covenant.

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