Apr 8, 2014

The Fall of a Believer

1 Min Read

Here's an excerpt from The Fall of a Believer, R.C. Sproul's contribution to the April issue of Tabletalk:

We may live in a culture that believes everyone will be saved, that we are "justified by death" and all you need to do to go to heaven is die, but God's Word certainly doesn't give us the luxury of believing that. Any quick and honest reading of the New Testament shows that the Apostles were convinced that nobody can go to heaven unless they believe in Christ alone for their salvation (John 14:6; Rom. 10:9–10).

Historically, evangelical Christians have largely agreed on this point. Where they have differed has been on the matter of the security of salvation. People who would otherwise agree that only those who trust in Jesus will be saved have disagreed on whether anyone who truly believes in Christ can lose his salvation.

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