Jul 28, 2011

The Faces of Ministry at Ligonier: Kent Madison

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Kent Madison serves at Ligonier as Chief Audio Engineer and Studio Manager. In this capacity, Kent oversees audio needs for the ministry, production of the daily Renewing Your Mind radio broadcasts, production of music projects for Ligonier, conference audio acquisition, and new video series audio acquisition and editing; he also has oversight of the audio and video equipment and facilities.

Settling in Nashville in the early 80s, Kent worked as an audio engineer for various music companies, jingle houses, and other production facilities. Kent says, “My favorite part of working in Nashville was all the amazing talent there, especially the session musicians.” Jobs that he worked on ranged from jingles to record projects in genres such as country, rock and jazz. In the early 2000s, Kent worked on several jobs for Ligonier in Nashville while he was still freelancing. In 2004, Kent joined the Ligonier team full time to assume radio production duties and the pursuit of many other music developments for Ligonier. These included three projects with the Atlanta Boy Choir (Dancing Day, Garden of Beauty, and Over Jordan), two orchestral projects recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine (Alphabet of Revelation and Hymn Scenes), two classical projects with Terry Yount, including the organ/trumpet project, God of Grace and Glory and the High Baroque CD, Ligonier Sinfonia, the Tom Howard music/Scripture project entitled Scenes From the Life of Christ, and most recently the Celtic-flavored new hymns project, My Cry Ascends, as well as other Christmas-themed CDs.

Kent enjoys working at Ligonier for the great people he gets to work with, and the mission of Ligonier to be that place ‘between Sunday school and seminary’. Kent says, “What a privilege it’s been to work with R.C.’s content for the radio broadcasts — I’ve learned so much!” He also enjoys having the opportunity to expand his music recording experience into areas he would not have been able to in Nashville, particularly in the Sacred and Classical genres.

Kent has been married to his wife, Laura, for almost 24 years. They have two daughters, Joanna, 31, and Leah, 21. They also have three dogs and all three are rescues from various shelters and breed clubs. Kent says, “They make great additions to our family, but we’re stopping there!”