Dec 8, 2011

Experience Reformation Bible College for Free

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Are you a high school student interested in attending college? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience college first hand before you even finish high school, receive college credit for FREE, and do it all at a Bible college right here in Central Florida?

Now you can at Reformation Bible College.

RBC’s exclusive FREE offer to you begins this January. Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. our Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics will be teaching the second of eight courses in our Great Works curriculum called the “Medieval Classics.” This course is an introduction to the classic works of the Medieval era, reading texts by authors such as Boethius, Anselm, Aquinas, Dante, and Chaucer.

You will not only become familiar with the common forms of Medieval literature, but the worldviews from which they arose. You’ll come to understand how these texts have shaped, for good or bad, western culture, and how the church has responded to them over the course of history, and in our present day. Ideas have consequences—many of the philosophical conflicts in our day find their origin in the works of these leading thinkers. You will not merely gain an awareness of these issues; you’ll become equipped to intelligently and winsomely engage today’s postmodern and post-Christian culture from a robust, coherent, and deeply rooted Christian worldview.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to take a rigorous, college level course for FREE—a value worth more than $1,000. Parents are welcome to audit the course for only $300. Don’t have time to take the course, do all the reading, and write the papers? Then come audit the class. Either way, it’s FREE. This offer is for new students only.

This class is not yet available online. Class will be held on the RBC campus Tuesday nights from 6:00 – 8:45pm from January 24th through May 15th. Space is limited, so please complete the Dual Enrollment Form and submit it to our office at right away.