Dec 5, 2020

An Event of Cosmic Proportion

1 Min Read

To the average onlooker, Jesus’ death on the cross would have appeared to be a commonplace execution. But as R.C. Sproul teaches in this brief clip, God has revealed that the crucifixion of Christ is the centerpiece of redemptive history.


In the Roman Empire, the normal method for the execution of convicted criminals is the method of crucifixion. And we are aware from the annals of history that there were tens of thousands of people who were executed in that manner. But there's only one Man whose death by crucifixion has the occasion of His death celebrated worldwide every year, and that, of course, is Jesus of Nazareth. And there are two reasons why His execution by way of crucifixion stands out in history. The first is because His execution was the execution of a King. Second of all, because it is the understanding of the church and the faith of all Christians that the significance of His death by crucifixion is found not in the immediate sensation of physical pain that that manner of death involved, but because it is the church's understanding that in that death, an event of cosmic proportion was taking place.