Mar 27, 2014

The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield: An Interview with Steven J. Lawson

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Recently, Lee Webb sat down with Steven Lawson to discuss the life and ministry of George Whitefield. You hear this interview today on Renewing Your Mind or watch the interview below:


  • You state, "If I could be anyone in church history, I would be George Whitefield." Why? (00:20)
  • Can you describe Whitefield's travel schedule? (02:45)
  • Would you define what piety is, and tell us how it applies to Whitefield's life? (08:00)
  • Whitefield faced a great deal of opposition. What was the basis for all that opposition? (10:23)
  • Why did someone want to assassinate Whitefield? (11:38)
  • Of all the sermons that Whitefield preached, do you have a favorite? (15:13)
  • The critique of Calvinism through the years is that it places little importance on evangelism. Does George Whitefield answer that critique adequately? (17:26)
  • Do we need a second Reformation, or do we need another first Great Awakening? (19:08)
  • Can you describe Whitefield's relationship with Benjamin Franklin? (22:14)
  • How was George Whitefield converted and how were John and Charles Wesley part of this experience? (24:35)