Sep 21, 2016

The Essence of Reformed Theology

1 Min Read

In this excerpt from his teaching series What Is Reformed Theology?, R.C. Sproul explains that the essence of Reformed theology is the knowledge of God.


If we're going to look at the essence of Reformed theology, I have to say to you that the most strict focus of Reformed theology is on theology: on the knowledge of the true God. We live in a day when people say theology doesn't matter. This is what David Wells was decrying in his book "No Place for Truth." What counts is feeling good, being ministered unto in our psychological needs, having a place where we can feel the warmth of fellowship, and have a sense of belonging, and of relevance. And theology is something that divides, something that stirs up controversy and debates. We don't need doctrine we're told—we need life. Well, at the heart of Reformed theology is the affirmation that theology is life because theology is the knowledge of God and there's no more important knowledge that exists to inform our lives than the knowledge of God.

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