Oct 22, 2009

Eschatology Is Christology - Ligonier Leadership Conference (XI)

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"When we think about the last things we must never allow our minds to be diverted from this principle, that the last things, like the first things, are the things of Jesus Christ." --Sinclair Ferguson, "The Last Things," Ligonier Leadership Conference Sinclair FergusonChristians have long been fascinated with eschatology. We speculate about the time of the return of Christ, the nature and time of the millennium, heaven and hell. As some have said, the millennium is a thousand years of peace that Christians love to argue about. Literally thousands of books have been written on every conceivable detail of eschatological speculation. But, as Dr. Ferguson reminds us, we often allow our fascination with the last things to divert our attention from the one who is returning--our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Ferguson helpfully reminds us that eschatology is Christology. It is all about Him, about His exaltation, when every mouth that has cursed Him will be forced to confess that He is Lord. Satan's chief aim is to divert our attention from Jesus Christ, and Satan will use even biblical doctrine to do this. Christian, guard your heart. Do not allow a fascination with eschatology, with the signs of the time, with the millennium or the rapture, to take your eyes off of Jesus. Dr. Keith Mathison is associate editor of Tabletalk magazine and dean of Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies.