Sep 10, 2019

Erode Evangelism and Missions

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Here’s an excerpt from Erode Evangelism and Missions, Kevin D. Gardner's contribution to the September issue of Tabletalk:

Central to Christianity is the goal of bringing more followers into our Enemy’s camp. It was the parting command of our Enemy’s Son to add to their ranks, and historically, the church has placed a strong emphasis on carrying out this mission. As His message spreads around the world, our forces are pushed back. Therefore, we must work to blunt the church’s efforts.

Above all else, we must encourage the belief that missions and evangelism are unnecessary. Make the Christians believe that the Enemy saves whom He will without their efforts, that He does not use individual Christians as secondary means in carrying out His purposes. If Christians can be encouraged to see their roles as unnecessary, they can be taken off the playing field. Further, strive to water down the church’s doctrine of sin. When this is done, Christians can be made to believe that good works are sufficient to secure salvation or that the Enemy will accept all humans, and therefore evangelism becomes moot. We can even depict missions as a harmful, undesirable act of cultural imperialism that should not be entered into, and we can encourage the belief that preaching is unnecessary in evangelism and that works of service suffice for the task.

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