Dec 20, 2023

Equip Christians Worldwide with Discipleship Resources

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The Bible is the key to our understanding of God and our spiritual growth as Christians. It’s vital that we’re equipped with tools that help us gain a clear and accurate understanding of Scripture.

Doug recently shared how Ligonier’s monthly Bible study magazine has encouraged his family members in their faith and supported his church ministry through the years:

“For seven years, I taught high school Sunday school using Tabletalk as the curriculum. We gave each student their own copy to teach them how to read their Bible every day. On Sunday, I would teach what Tabletalk covered the week before. We went through so many books of the Bible. What a fantastic curriculum it was! We used the magazines for family devotions as well. Currently, I buy ten copies of Tabletalk monthly and place them on our visitors’ table at church each month. Thank you for all that you all do at Ligonier to help us read and study the Bible, so that we grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ to God’s glory!”

Your prayers and financial support play a vital role in encouraging Christians around the world through Ligonier’s trusted discipleship library. At a time when global demand for Bible teaching is greater than ever, your gift helps reach people with the truth of God, even as Ligonier seeks to make Bible-teaching resources available in many of the world’s most-spoken languages in the years to come.

All online donations made before December 31 at 11:30 p.m. ET are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for providing a platform where people around the world can be transformed by the renewal of their minds each day. Give today.