May 19, 2016

Encourage Our Soldiers with Truth

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Update: Thank you to everyone who donated to support Ligonier’s military chaplain outreach campaign. We are pleased to report that we more than doubled our goal, due to your generosity. This will enable us to provide more resources, including Dr. Sproul's Crucial Questions booklets and the Reformation Study Bible_, to more chaplains like Jason Nobles, Keith Saare, and Eric Leetch. It also means that we are able to open up the program to more chaplains around the world. If you are a military chaplain, contact our team at to learn more. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for this important outreach._

Here at home and around the world, the men and women who serve in the U.S. military are dedicating their lives to protecting our freedoms and fighting the nation's wars. They are also fighting an intense spiritual battle. Believers are warring against the world, the flesh, and the devil as they seek to serve the Lord faithfully while they serve our nation. Unbelievers are facing the reality of sin as they see the horrors of war, and many of them are seeking answers as to who God is and who they are.

As part of our mission to proclaim the holiness of God to as many people as possible, Ligonier Ministries wants to help edify the men and women serving in the military and to proclaim the gospel to those service members who may never have heard it. Our program to provide resources to U.S. military chaplains is a vital part of this effort. Your support of this program will help us encourage and strengthen those in harm's way and here on the homefront.

As they train for war, we want them to know also how to "put on the whole armor of God," so that they might be prepared for the spiritual battles. Army Chaplain (MAJ) Jason Nobles wrote to us recently to share that "a life-long substance abuse addict came to know the Lord this week and Everyone's A Theologian by Dr. Sproul was instrumental in this process... Praise God for His wonderful work in drawing this young man to Himself!"

Our military chaplains are in need of trustworthy Bible-teaching resources to assist them in discipling men and women in the faith. With your support, we plan to mail teaching resource packages to chaplains around the world. These packages include teaching series, books, Tabletalk magazine, and other resources by Dr. Sproul, our Ligonier teaching fellows, and other trusted teachers. When you pray for and give to this project, you enable the distribution of these resources. Retired Army Chaplain and Brigadier General Douglas Lee said that 'There is all the more need now for good, solid literature to be sent out among the chaplains and their troops and we want Ligonier to be a spiritual supply line for these men and women.' You can listen to a conversation I had with General Lee back in 2014 here.


"Ligonier's resources provide the unmatched combination of biblical faithfulness and intellectual stimulation that our Soldiers both need and want. I know I can rely on Ligonier materials to point my Soldiers and their families to the one source that will meet their needs and answer their questions, the gospel as it is articulated in the Word of God."

—Chaplain (MAJ) Eric Leetch

"I always appreciate the free resources I receive from Ligonier to use in my ministry as an active duty chaplain. Without exaggerating, they are the most popular books and videos I distribute freely to the soldiers I serve. Thank you, everyone, who supports Ligonier to provide these resources for the troops."

—Chaplain (CPT) Keith Saare

"So thankful and appreciative of Ligonier's material. I use them for my own personal devotions daily. I also have them in my office where many of our wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers come in and take advantage of them. Even if they don't take the material with them, they provide openings for wonderful conversations regarding God, His sovereignty, and what is going on in their lives right now. Thanks so much."

—Chaplain (MAJ) Jonathan Entrekin

We Need Your Support

Last year, friends like you contributed in excess of our funding goal for this special program, enabling us to distribute many more resources than we had planned. It will cost $11,400 to fully fund our chaplain program this year, and your gift can help us meet this level of support so that we can continue equipping our chaplains with tools they need to teach and counsel our troops.

As someone who had the great privilege of serving in the military, I can't commend this strategic outreach highly enough. Will you help us minister to our armed forces and equip them with the truth to win their spiritual battles?


If you are a military chaplain and would like to know how you can receive resource packages from Ligonier Ministries, please contact our team at