Jun 14, 2017

Don’t Settle

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from our 2017 National Conference, Micheal Reeves warns us not to settle, but to press on proclaiming the glorious gospel of the Scriptures.


Those of Reformational convictions in this country—in the United States—have perhaps an unparalleled opportunity to lighten the world with the message of Scripture recovered by the Reformers, but only if you don't settle. Don't settle for wealth, comfort, success, or status. Don't settle for the false lights of small God big man theologies. However you are gonna do it my friend, live and die with all your strength to see God's Word go out that people might hear of a super sufficient Savior, of the glory of a God whose love does not find but creates that which is pleasing to it. That people might hear of a God who loves sinners and who keeps His own to the uttermost. That the enslaving darkness of false religion and self-dependence all around us might be replaced with heartfelt happy trust in Christ and joy in Him.