Jan 21, 2020

Discerning and Stewarding God's Call for My Life

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Here’s an excerpt from Discerning and Stewarding God’s Call for My Life, Fred Greco's contribution to the January issue of Tabletalk:

We all want our lives to have meaning. We want to know that we are pursuing a course in life that is in accordance with God’s will—and we can even be afraid that bad things will happen to us if we are out of the will of God. It is not wrong to desire to be in God’s will; after all, Jesus Himself prayed, “Not my will, but yours, be done” (Luke 22:42). The real difficulty is when we try to discern what God’s will is for our lives. It would be so simple if the Lord wrote a message in the sky or gave each believer some supernatural sign. There would be no doubt if I woke up one morning and the clouds formed “Be an engineer!” (or even better, “Be an electrical engineer for the XYZ Company”). But the Lord has determined in His infinite wisdom not to reveal His particular will for every believer in such a way. If He were to do that, I am afraid I would still miss His will. There is an old story about the man who saw “G.P.C.” in the sky and concluded it was God telling him, “Go preach Christ!” The difficulty, however, was that the man had virtually no ability to communicate and very little Bible knowledge. When he went to a friend and told him his plans, the friend answered, “Perhaps the message was ‘Go plant corn!’”

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