Jan 22, 2020

Design and Function Come Only from Intelligent Design

2 Min Read

Information does not self-originate. In this brief clip, John MacArthur explains that design and function come only from intelligence.


Back in the nineteen forties there was a scientist by the name of VonNeumann. He is famous for what is known as the VonNeumann machine. And the Von Neumann machine was the ultimate machine - the ultimate machine that could never be built. VonNeumann said that the machine would be self-generating. That is, it would have within itself the ability to sustain its own existence. It would be secondly, self-repairing. It would be able to fix itself within itself. Thirdly it would be self-reproducing. That is, it would produce more machines just like it. The complexity VonNeumann pointed out is so extreme by the time you get to the third level, that it is impossible to build it, self-sustaining, self-repairing, self-reproducing. If you were to think of it as a car, you can't imagine a car that you really never had to put anything into, it just sustained its own life. It just drew on its environment and sustained its own life, and it was perpetual. Nor, can you imagine a car, that when something went wrong had within itself the ability to fix itself. And a car that when you went out into the garage one day, there were two other little cars sitting beside that car, no doubt Mini coopers.

And you would say to yourself "this is a very complex machine." It's too complex to build and yet that is precisely what every single living cell in the universe does. VonNeumann said "every living cell is supremely complex capable of reproduction, growth, survival, self-diagnosing, self-repairing with a complex cellular communication of information, and storage and retrieval capability. Evolutionists are quick to say, you know, that given enough time codes and machines grown out of nothing. We now know that that is completely absurd. Computer simulations have been done so they can test the affect of time by high speed simulation, to see if evolution builds ordered complex structures. And the bottom line is, just I guess the simplest way that I have read that scientists have concluded, it has about one chance in ten to the one thousandth power. No chance. Information does not self-originate. Nor self-assemble. Design and function come only from intelligence. No natural process ever produced a program code. If you add energy disorder increases.