Apr 7, 2021

Deepening Our Assurance

1 Min Read

While it is possible for Christians to lack assurance of their salvation, they should seek never to remain in doubt. In this brief clip, Joel Beeke prompts us to pursue an ever-deepening assurance that we are the children of God.

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And so, the New Testament, in its repeated admonitions to seek assurance, also acknowledges the possible lack of assurance. "Give diligence to make your calling and election sure," 2 Peter 1:10. So, you can be a Christian and lack assurance. But the normative is, you should have at least some measure of it. You're falling short if you don't. You need to work with it; you need to seek it; you need to pursue it. Assurance in both Testaments, therefore, is normative for believers, based on the covenant of grace, sealed with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. And so, we need to ask ourselves: Do we possess this kind of personal assurance of faith of which Scripture speaks everywhere? And are we longing to grow in this kind of assurance? To glorify God, and for our own souls' good, we are to seek diligently a well-founded assurance and to have it deepened, always deepened, in our own Christian lives.