Apr 22, 2020

Before Creation, There Had to Be a Creator

1 Min Read

Do we have proof of God’s existence? Just take a look around you. In this brief clip, Steven Lawson establishes that there is only one reasonable explanation for the universe and everything in it.


It's a very simple, philosophical point that every effect must have an adequate cause. The mere fact that there is creation around us necessitates an adequate cause. There is only one reasonable, rational explanation for the universe and for creation, and it is that there is a Creator, capital "C". There is no corporation who could have created everything out of nothing. There is no individual, there is no religion, there is no philosophy that could have made everything out of nothing. As R.C. Sproul has said, "If there was ever a time when there was nothing, then there could never be anything,” because before creation there had to be a Creator. There had to be God. Out of nothing, nothing comes. So, one should look at creation all around and see something, not only the fact of God—Creator—but to know something about Him. He is a transcendent Creator. He is an immense Creator. He is a powerful Creator. He has created with genius design. He has built into creation order and beauty. My father was a professor in medical school for over thirty years. He would say to me, "Steven, just take the human eye." That is clear testimony to the fact of a master Creator, a master Designer. There is no way that the human eye has evolved and emerged out of nothing, or out of mud, or out of slime. The perfection with which it functions! Or take the human heart, or take the human brain. Or take the human lungs, or take the human take any part of the human body. Now, anyone with intellectual integrity and honesty would be able to look at creation, and the changing of the seasons, and the spinning of the earth, and its properly being held on its axis at just the right angle—never any closer to the sun, never any further away—and see that there is a God in Heaven and a Creator who has made all of this and who has made us.