May 18, 2016

Court-Ordered Same-Sex Marriage Cannot Deliver on Its Promise

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After discussing the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling during a panel discussion at our 2016 National Conference, Albert Mohler reminded us that same-sex marriage cannot deliver on its promises.


I just want to say one further thing and that is this… it's not going to work. I mean, we know that. The whole promise of so-called same-sex marriage is not going to work. It's already not working. Anthony Kennedy in his majority decision in Obergefell, said one of the reasons we have to do this is because same-sex couples are being considered outside the moral norm, where marriage will resolve that. It doesn't resolve that. We are looking at a market in same-sex divorces. It can't deliver on its promises. Only Christ delivers on His promises. And we've got to be there for people who, in the midst of this cultural revolution, are going to be horribly hurt because this revolution can't deliver on its promises. We've got to be there with the gospel of Christ.