Feb 27, 2014

Competent to Counsel: An Interview with Jay Adams

1 Min Read

Here's an excerpt from Competent to Counsel, an interview with Jay Adams from the February issue of Tabletalk:

Tabletalk: Why is biblical counseling necessary in our day?

Jay Adams: For the same reasons that it has been necessary in every day. Whenever the process of sanctification slows down (or halts) in a Christian's life, and he is not able to rectify that situation (for whatever reason), he needs the help of other believers who can direct him to God's answers to his problems and how to bring about a change that honors Him. Counseling is not a great thing—in itself—but becomes necessary whenever such rescuing of a brother or sister is called for.

Today, there are soldiers coming home from wars who need counseling, but they are not alone. There are many others who would need biblical counseling whether or not there are such special reasons.

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