May 2, 2019

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, May 2019

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The May issue of Tabletalk provides an overview of church history in the nineteenth century. To this day, the personalities and events of the nineteenth century continue to exercise a strong influence on the visible church both in the United States and around the world. New evangelistic measures that were introduced in the nineteenth century, such as the altar call, are standard in much of evangelicalism. Liberal Christianity and destructive forms of biblical criticism, which first rose to prominence during the 1800s, continue to bear fruit in mainline Protestant denominations and to shape how orthodox Christians interact with the academy and the world. The colonialism of the period affects how ministry is done around the world even today, and missions organizations founded during the nineteenth century continue to labor around the globe. Modern laypeople, however, are frequently unaware of how much the nineteenth century has shaped the church for good and for ill. This issue helps readers get a better grasp of the most significant nineteenth-century events and figures that have influenced the church, with the aim of assisting God’s people in becoming more discerning in ministry

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