Mar 2, 2021

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, March 2021

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The March issue of Tabletalk addresses the Christian ethic. We are living through a great upheaval in Western society that is leading people to call the very idea of ethical truth into question. Past generations of Christians could take for granted that they shared a common understanding of basic moral principles with the wider culture. However, changes in the culture have led to great disagreement even among professing Christians as to what constitutes right and wrong. Sadly, many churches have failed to provide deep instruction in the ethical teachings of Scripture and God’s natural law, making it difficult for laypeople to think about ethical matters in a manner that is consistently faithful to the moral law. This contributes to confusion in the church, a lack of sound moral formation among Christians, and a failure in the visible body of Christ to embody a distinctive ethical lifestyle as a witness to the world. This issue seeks to help believers understand various issues related to the Christian ethic, think more biblically, and gain confidence that there is a distinctive Christian ethic that is true and necessary for healthy communities.

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