Mar 2, 2017

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, March 2017

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The March issue of Tabletalk considers the reality of secularism and its impact on the culture, the church, and the individual Christian. Secularism in its most strident forms is now accepted as non-negotiable truth by those who shape Western culture. The result is a growing hostility toward Christianity that makes many believers perplexed and afraid for the future. Even the church has not gone untouched, for Christians have imbibed more of the secular worldview than they often realize. Standing firm in the gospel will require an understanding of secularism and its effects in the church and culture, as well as what God’s Word has to say to this secular age. This issue seeks to assist believers in understanding and recognizing secularism, pointing them to the transcendent Creator as the only hope for people both inside and outside the church.

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Here's a preview of what's coming up in Tabletalk over the coming months:

The Seventeenth Century

The April issue will examine the history of the church in the seventeenth century, focusing particularly on developments within the Reformed tradition that have shaped our understanding of theology and the Christian life to this day.

Forty Years of Tabletalk: Why We Are Reformed

The May issue will mark the magazine's fortieth anniversary by highlighting several of the key theological convictions that fuel the mission of the magazine and of Ligonier Ministries.

The Beatitudes

The June issue will consider the Beatitudes, explaining the meaning of the Beatitudes and how we are to apply them in our lives.

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