Aug 4, 2022

Christianity in America: A New Teaching Series from Stephen Nichols

4 Min Read

A choice confronts Christians in every generation: Will we stray from the truth to gain the world’s approval or stay the course at all costs? Here, the story of the American church can help us.

In his new teaching series, Dr. Stephen Nichols surveys the history of American Christianity, examining the lives of figures who accommodated to the spirit of the age and others who maintained their commitment to God’s Word. By relying on the Lord and learning from the tragedies and triumphs of those who have gone before, we can be better prepared to be faithful disciples wherever we are.

This approachable and concise overview of American church history is an excellent tool for growing Christians, teachers, pastors, and small group leaders. Order your copy today to study on your own or with a group.

Christianity in America is available in a variety of formats. When you order this teaching series as a digital download, on DVD, or on MP3 CD, we’ll add all 12 messages to your Learning Library so you can stream them anytime. An accompanying study guide is also available in paperback and digital formats to supplement your learning with lesson objectives, Scripture readings relevant to each message, lesson outlines, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. And you can dig deeper online by taking the Ligonier Connect course.

Watch the first message to begin your study today.

Twelve 23-Minute Messages:

  1. A Tale of Two Paths
  2. Puritanism
  3. Half-Way Christianity
  4. First Great Awakening
  5. Early Republic
  6. Second Great Awakening
  7. Rise of Liberalism
  8. Fundamentalism, Part 1
  9. Fundamentalism, Part 2
  10. Evangelicalism, Part 1
  11. Evangelicalism, Part 2
  12. What’s Next?

Purchase Options:

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Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is president of Reformation Bible College, chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries, and a Ligonier teaching fellow. He holds a Ph.D. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is host of the podcasts 5 Minutes in Church History and Open Book. He is author of more than twenty books, including Beyond the 95 Theses, A Time for Confidence, and R.C. Sproul: A Life and coeditor of Crossway’s Theologians on the Christian Life series.