Feb 1, 2023

Christianity and Liberalism: New Teaching Series from Stephen Nichols

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Do Christians have to change their message to meet the needs of today’s world? This question is as pressing for us as it was for J. Gresham Machen in 1923.

With all the modern advancements of the early twentieth century, people wondered about the relevance of the church. Many church leaders set aside foundational Christian truths to create a more socially acceptable faith. This crisis drove Machen to draw a line in the sand with his classic book Christianity and Liberalism.

In this new teaching series, Dr. Stephen Nichols tells Machen’s story and the timeless message of his book. There is only one true, uncompromising Christian faith, and it alone provides the ultimate answers to our world’s problems.

Released one hundred years after Machen wrote Christianity and Liberalism, this teaching series can encourage individual Christians, pastors, teachers, and small group leaders in an age of compromise, equipping us to stand firm for “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). Order your copy today to study on your own or with a group.

This teaching series is available in a variety of formats. When you order this teaching series as a digital download, on DVD, or on MP3 CD, we’ll add all twelve messages to your Learning Library so you can stream them anytime. An accompanying study guide is also available in paperback and digital formats to expand your learning with lesson objectives, Scripture readings relevant to each message, lesson outlines, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. You can also further your study online by taking the Ligonier Connect course.

Watch the first message to begin your study today.

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