Jul 17, 2023

Available Now: Christianity and Liberalism, 100th Anniversary Edition

2 Min Read

How will the Christian faith survive in a skeptical world? Modernists in the early twentieth century considered the solution to be clear. Thinking the church needed to be rescued from irrelevance, they laid aside unpopular teachings from the Bible and recast Christianity simply as a way of life. Resisting these attempts, J. Gresham Machen gave an unbending response: Christian doctrine isn’t the problem—unbelief is.

Ligonier’s one-hundredth anniversary edition of Machen’s book, Christianity and Liberalism, is now available. This classic title from the twentieth century shows a new generation that God’s message of salvation is timeless. In defending essential Christian doctrines and exposing liberalism as a false religion, Machen reminds the church that we are entrusted with the truth that the world needs most. Order your copy today.

Addressing fundamental doctrines of the faith, Christianity and Liberalism carries enduring relevance today for every Christian, making it a fitting gift for a believer of any age, a helpful resource for group discussion, or a valuable addition to your home or church library.

Want a glimpse inside Christianity and Liberalism? An excerpt is freely available online. Near the beginning of the book, Machen writes on the importance of doctrine in the Christian faith:

“The Christian movement at its inception was not just a way of life in the modern sense, but a way of life founded upon a message. It was based, not upon mere feeling, not upon a mere program of work, but upon an account of facts. In other words it was based upon doctrine.”

Why did Machen write this book? Watch this video as Ligonier Teaching Fellows Drs. Stephen Nichols and Burk Parsons explain the background behind Christianity and Liberalism and the timely help that it continues to offer us today.

In addition, you can expand your study of Machen’s life and ministry with Dr. Nichols’ companion teaching series Christianity and Liberalism, available in a variety of formats. You can also further your study online by taking the Ligonier Connect course.