Oct 3, 2019

Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Renewing Your Mind

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In 1971, Dr. R.C. Sproul established a small study center in the hills of western Pennsylvania. Christians gathered there to learn more about God and His Word. As the ministry grew, eventually relocating to Orlando, Florida, it reached a milestone on this date in 1994: Renewing Your Mind, a new, daily Bible-teaching broadcast, hit the airwaves. For the first time, millions of people would now easily have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Sproul and other trusted teachers every day.

Twenty-five years later, Renewing Your Mind is still heard on hundreds of radio stations around the world, the podcast and online editions are now downloaded or streamed over 1.5 million times every month, and there is a dedicated Spanish-language edition. Find all the ways you can listen here.

Today and tomorrow, as we give thanks to God and celebrate this milestone, we are airing the first message from Dr. Sproul that aired on that day in October, 1994. Special guests will join us in the studio, and we will even hear from some of you, our listeners.

This daily outreach of Ligonier has been listener supported for twenty-five years. As our way of saying thanks, we’re offering Dr. Sproul’s new booklet, God Is Holy, as a free gift to those who request it. Also, if you would like to make a donation to further support this outreach, you can give your gift securely here.

Today is a wonderful opportunity to listen for the first time or to introduce a friend or family member to the mind-renewing and life-transforming truths heard every day on Renewing Your Mind.

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