Jun 23, 2011

Caring for Our Families

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Here is a brief excerpt from John Piper's article in the current issue of Tabletalk magazine. "A few years ago I wrote a short book on justification that was published by Crossway under the title_Counted Righteous in Christ_. In one section of it I ask, 'Why would a pressured pastor with a family to care for … devote so much time and energy to the controversy over the imputation of Christ’s righteousness? Well, it is precisely because I have a family to care for, and so do hundreds of my people.' Here is part of the answer I wrote in chapter one of the book:

"Yes, I have a family to care for. Noël and I have one daughter at home, and we have four sons who are grown and out of the house. But they are not out of our lives. Every week, in person or on the phone, there are major personal, relational, vocational, theological issues to deal with. In every case the root issue comes back to this: What are the great truths revealed in Scripture that can give stability and guidance here? Listening and affection are crucial, but if they lack biblical substance, my counsel is hollow. Touchy-feely affirmation won’t cut it. Too much is at stake. These young men want rock under their feet."

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