Jan 1, 2021

Bring the Biblical Teaching You Enjoy to More People in 2021

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You can help ensure that Ligonier begins its fiftieth year of ministry on firm footing. Please give tonight so that more people can receive trusted teaching from God’s Word in 2021.

Following the mission that Dr. R.C. Sproul mapped out for this teaching fellowship, Ligonier is committed to proclaiming the holiness of God and serving as a theological lifeline for growing Christians around the world. In the Lord’s providence, your gift today can help bring the biblical teaching that you enjoy to more people in 2021.

This gospel outreach must increase because theological famine is on the rise globally. Billions of people have never heard of the salvation that is received by faith alone in Christ alone. Many churches and Christians lack resources to aid them in the work of making disciples. In some regions where the church held significant influence in the past, secularism and false teaching are advancing at an astonishing pace. The truth is urgently needed, and the consequences of meeting this need are eternal. By God’s grace, you and I can help.

As the Lord presents Ligonier with vast new opportunities for outreach in service to the church, will you help us finish this year well and begin the next fifty years of ministry in a position of strength?

Your support makes it possible to proclaim the Word of God through broadcasts, publications, in-person and online events, and more, helping Christians to grow in the Lord so that they may serve Him faithfully and live for His glory. This outreach is not inexpensive, but by God’s grace, it is effective—and needed now more than ever.

Every online gift we receive by 11:30 p.m. ET tonight positions Ligonier to reach even more people in our fiftieth year. Can we count on your help at this time?

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