Mar 11, 2008

Blog for a Free Book

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If you're not just a reader of blogs but a blogger yourself, we have a deal for you.

Last summer, Ligonier's publishing arm, Reformation Trust, launched a small pilot program under which bloggers can contact us for a free PDF version of one of our books. When a blogger posts a review of a book and alerts us to it, we send him or her a free copy of the book.

To date, some twenty-five bloggers have earned copies of one or more Reformation Trust titles by posting reviews.

We don't require that reviews be positive (though our blogging friends have been very kind in their reviews). We simply ask that reviews be serious, substantive, and fair.

All Reformation Trust titles are available in PDF form, including our title, What's So Great about the Doctrines of Grace? by Rev. Richard D. Phillips (author of Jesus the Evangelist, also from Reformation Trust).

If you have a blog and would be interested in reading and possibly reviewing a Reformation Trust book, follow this link for more info.