Oct 22, 2010

Biblical Objectivity

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The news industry has fallen upon difficult times. The old model has come close to complete disintegration, revenues have plummeted and few hold out much hope for those old media. Nick Eicher is publisher of World magazine and CEO of God’s World Publications. He has witnessed this decline from an insider's perspective. And yet he is not lamenting the change.

"I would urge that we not rejoice at what might be called a longoverdue comeuppance for a profession so characterized by arrogance, elitism, and cynicism. I want to suggest instead that this represents an opportunity for Christian worldview journalism to grow and be heard, to make a substantial impact on the culture. For just as news media economic models are up for grabs, so too are the journalistic models."

Read more in his article from the current issue of Tabletalk magazine. It is titled "Biblical Objectivity."