Oct 2, 2019

The Bible Readjusts Our Notions of Fairness

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from his teaching series Discovering Deuteronomy, W. Robert Godfrey discusses how the Bible readjusts our notions of fairness. 


Now one of the things the Old Testament does is to readjust our notion of fairness, to challenge our notion of fairness, and to really press on us are we a people of the book or are we the people who invent our own religion? If you don't like parts of the Old Testament, you can cut them out, throw them away, and there are churches that will welcome you. But you'll no longer be a biblical Christian. The Bible readjusts our notion of fairness. The Bible is not saying that Moses perished everlastingly. I don't think the Bible is saying that all those generation in the wilderness, that died in the wilderness perished everlastingly, but their physical death was a statement to the people of God and to the world and to us that sin has consequences, that sin will be judged, and that the judgment is severe. And it helps us think a little bit about Jesus on the cross, doesn't it? The death of Jesus on the cross is not a game. It's not an occasion for a Hallmark card. It's not nice. It's a horrible thing that should cause us to recoil. And the judgment of God in the Old Testament helps us to see how serious the judgment of God is on His own Son on the cross, as He bears our sins. It's serious, and the Old Testament is preparing us for that, and that's why I think it is really valuable to read a book like Deuteronomy from time to time to get our notions of right and wrong and fairness readjusted.