Jan 7, 2013

Best of 2012: Tabletalk

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Each month, a selection of feature articles from Tabletalk are posted on the blog. For your edification, here are ten of the most viewed Tabletalk articles of 2012.

Wisely Handling the Bible's Wise Sayings by R.C. Sproul

"We need to listen to the wisdom of God so that we can cut through the many distractions and confusions of modern life. But, as with the entirety of the Word of God, we need to be zealous to learn how to handle the book of Proverbs properly."

Grace to You: An Interview with John MacArthur

"It's not 'arrogant' by any biblical standard to declare our confidence in the truth of God's Word or to say 'Thus says the Lord' where God has indeed spoken. What's truly arrogant is the notion that God hasn't spoken clearly enough, or that He hasn't told us enough to enable the faithful pastor to teach and preach with that kind of authority."

Sinners in a Fishbowl by Barnabas Piper

"Pastors' kids have a reputation. We are the rebellious ones. We are the contrarians and the problem children. We are hell-raisers and hypocrites. Not all of us, mind you, but the shoe definitely fits for many. (I, for one, have been each of these and more.)"

Not So Fast by Trevin Wax

"Whether your church situation is terrific or terrible right now, it's the gospel that should direct and shape your decision to leave or stay in a church. Circumstances aren't what matter most. Covenantal commitment to the body of Christ is what counts."

Hope For Prodigal Children by Burk Parsons

"When Christian parents don't face up to the difficult reality that they have prodigal children who are wasting their lives by chasing after the temporal pleasures of the world, they likely won't face their children with the truth of the gospel, and, what's more, their children won't face the difficult reality that they are facing eternal condemnation."

Pray the Scriptures by Scotty Smith

"Nothing has been of greater importance to my growth in grace than learning to pray the Scriptures while wearing the lens of the gospel, and nothing has proven to be more fruitful. A gospel-centered approach to praying through the Bible will yield a mind informed by the will of God, a heart enflamed with the love of God, and hands extended in the service of God."

When and How Do We Draw the Line? by Kevin DeYoung

"Everyone wants to be unified in what really matters, to agree to disagree on what isn't as important, and to exercise love in all things. But no one seems to agree on what really matters a lot, a little, or not at all. As hard as it can be determining the content of our faith, it can be even harder figuring out where to put up our fences."

Someone is Wrong on the Internet by R.C. Sproul Jr.

"We read an attack site (discernment blog, as they like to call themselves), and find that the kingdom is crumbling because Joel Osteen's book is being carried in some LifeWay store somewhere, or because a guy in our camp invited a guy in their camp to speak at a conference. We head over to our favorite guru's blog to get the straight skinny on just what the respectable ones are saying about this issue or that. In all this reading, all this key-stroking, what we are really stroking is our egos."

Indispensable Apologetics: An Interview with Ravi Zacharias

"I became a Christian while a teenager in India, the land of my birth. I had struggled with many issues—especially those of failure and disappointing my family. There was a series of events, but the culminating point came when I tried to take my own life."

Pilgrims in a Post-Christian Culture by Voddie Baucham

"This post-Christian culture would have us believe that the only way to bear witness to Christ effectively is to 'contextualize' in a way that essentially leaves the path. We must walk like, talk like, dress like, live like, and love like the world in order to win the world. However, the opposite is actually true."

"Month by month, Tabletalk represents an oasis in a desert of false spirituality, mindless Christianity, and vapid conviction. Tabletalk represents theological rigor, biblical Christianity, and authentic Christian devotion. It is an antidote to the world of superficial Christianity. Read it and grow."

—R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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