Dec 24, 2013

In Awe of God's Glory

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Here's an excerpt from In Awe of God's Glory, an interview with Joel Beeke from the December issue of Tabletalk:

Tabletalk: At what age did you first hear God's call to ministry, and how did you receive confirmation of this call?

Joel Beeke: God began to strive with my soul when I was age fourteen. I was brought to spiritual liberty in Christ when I was fifteen. And I was irresistibly and powerfully called to the ministry when I was sixteen. Being quite shy when I was young, and belonging to a denomination where the next youngest minister was nearly fifty years old, I never would have considered the possibility of ministry had I not been powerfully called. My initial call to the ministry came when I was working for my father pulling weeds on a lawn of one of his clients. "Go forth and preach the gospel to all nations, yea, even unto the sons of men" resounded in my soul with incredible power. From that day forward, the ministerial call, daunting though it was, was bound upon my soul, and forty-five years later, I have never been able to free myself of it. Rather, God has confirmed it over the years in numerous ways.

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