Sep 2, 2013

Listen for Free: "The Atonement of Jesus" Teaching Series from R.C. Sproul

2 Min Read

A growing number of professing Christian theologians in our day are questioning the doctrine of the substitutionary atonement of Jesus. One has gone so far as to describe such a concept as "a form of cosmic child abuse."

Last week we published an article from R.C. Sproul on the blog that addressed the importance of the satisfaction view of the atonement. Beginning today, we're making his teaching series on The Atonement of Jesus free for you to listen to and share. In this 10-part series, R.C. Sproul explains the biblical doctrine of the atonement and answers questions such as:

  • Why did God choose the means of the crucifixion to redeem His people from their sins?
  • Was the cross of Christ necessary in order for God to forgive sins?
  • Was Jesus really forsaken by the Father as He bore the sins of His people?
  • For whom did Christ die?

This important series dispels various misunderstandings of the atonement and demonstrates why Jesus is the only one who could atone for our sins.

We've embedded the first lecture below. Listen to the entire series here or use the links at the bottom of this post. Note: If you're on a smartphone or tablet, we have a mobile friendly version of the series.

Listen to the Lectures in this Teaching Series:

  1. The Symbol of the Cross
  2. The Necessity of the Cross
  3. Why the God-Man?
  4. The Meaning of the Cross
  5. The Substitute
  6. A Ransom Paid
  7. The Redeemer
  8. The Curse of the Cross
  9. For Whom Did Christ Die?
  10. Questions and Answers

Please share this series with your friends. As R.C. Sproul has previously said, "If you take away the cross as an atoning act, you take away Christianity."