Oct 25, 2023

Ask Ligonier with Stephen Nichols: Watch and Share

2 Min Read

Recently, Dr. Stephen Nichols joined us to answer your biblical and theological questions. Together, we considered the events, theology, and enduring impact of the Protestant Reformation, along with other important topics for Christians. Watch the stream again and share it with your friends.

Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is president of Reformation Bible College, chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries, and a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow. He is host of the podcasts 5 Minutes in Church History and Open Book. He is author of more than twenty books, including Beyond the 95 Theses, A Time for Confidence, and R.C. Sproul: A Life and coeditor of Crossway’s Theologians on the Christian Life series.

To thank you for submitting your questions and for joining us for this special event, we’d like to offer you a free copy of The Legacy of Luther ebook, edited by Dr. R.C. Sproul and Dr. Nichols. Get your copy. Don’t forget to rewatch your favorite moments from this conversation with Dr. Nichols and share the stream with your friends.