May 16, 2018

Are There Carnal Christians?

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In this brief clip from our 2015 Fall Conference, R.C. Sproul rejects the doctrine of the carnal Christian.


One of the great and ghastly errors—not just error but heresy—that permeates the evangelical world today is the doctrine of the carnal Christian. The doctrine of the carnal Christian was first set forth in a theological framework that taught this: that at regeneration the Holy Spirit can come in and save a person without changing the person at all. There had to be a second stage where there was lordship introduced on the throne of the soul for a person to be Spirit-filled and so on and not be carnal. But the idea was that you could be a believer and be altogether carnal. Now the Bible says we are carnal, we're sold under sin, and as long as we're in this life we still have a certain “fleshiness” that accompanies our walk as Christians, but if you're 100 percent flesh and 100 percent carnal, you're 100 percent unconverted.