Jul 26, 2012

Announcing RefNet: 24-hour Christian Internet Radio

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We live in a time where there is a proliferation of edifying media available on the web for the Christian, but there isn't a clear way to aggregate this media into a produced, filtered format. Simply putting everything on the web doesn't mean everyone will find it. Yes, some people want an à la carte approach with choosing from a multiplicity of podcasts or searching through long lists and that works well for them. Yet others want an always-on streaming approach. As we see it, the Christian community has only just begun to tap the internet's potential for spreading trustworthy biblical teaching to every nation, tribe, and language on this earth.

It's for these reasons that we have created Ligonier's newest outreach: we call it RefNet.

RefNet (Reformation Network) is 24-hour Christian internet radio featuring biblical preaching and teaching

While Christian terrestrial radio continues to be an effective outreach in the United States, we're pushing to leverage the growth of internet-enabled mobile phones and tablets around the world. RefNet is freely available on your internet connected iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; select Android devices; the Kindle Fire; on your computer through the RefNet website; direct via the RefNet stream; or on many other mobile browsers through RefNet's lite mobile version.

You'll hear Renewing Your Mind with Dr. R.C. Sproul, plus hundreds of teaching series, messages from our teaching fellows, and more than twenty-five years of conference messages. Ligonier has a digital library of many thousands of hours of solid Bible teaching and preaching, but up until this point we have been limited in ways to provide useful access to it. RefNet enables us to serve you better with unique daily teaching and preaching.

RefNet is pleased to also feature the ministries of other broadcast partners who echo the same great historic truths that have been well-framed by the creedal consensus coming out of the Reformation. RefNet includes broadcasts from Alistair Begg at Truth For Life, John MacArthur at Grace to You, John Piper at Desiring God, Albert Mohler with The Briefing and Thinking in Public, and many others. And you'll hear daily news briefs from World Magazine and SRN News to help you stay current with that day's headlines.

In the evening, families can enjoy biblically-based audio drama produced by Lamplighter Theater. We then move throughout the night into a blend of Bible reading, brought to you by our friends at Crossway Books, and pleasant music suitable to background listening.

Many people already connect their computers, smartphones, and tablets to their home audio systems, so this will be one additional way to serve Christians who want a Scripture-saturated home.

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Ligonier Ministries' mission statement includes a phrase that takes my breath away: "reach as many people as possible." You probably dream big like me, so the number of people we have to reach is staggering, almost 7 billion by last count. What this means is that in order to reach as many of those 7 billion souls as possible, we need to be wise stewards of the technology God, in His grace, has put in front of us. RefNet is another outreach to help us do just that.

We hope you enjoy using RefNet as much as we enjoyed creating it. We're just getting started and there are more edifying broadcasts to come. Please share RefNet with your family, friends, and churches.

Here's how you can listen to RefNet:

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