Jul 12, 2023

Announcing Our Dedicated-Language Websites in Russian and Ukrainian

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We are pleased to announce that Ligonier has launched online outreaches in Russian and in Ukrainian. Thanks to the generous support of ministry friends such as you, ru.ligonier.org and uk.ligonier.org are Ligonier’s fourteenth and fifteenth dedicated-language websites, providing an online library of trustworthy teaching and discipleship materials to the over 260 million people who speak Russian or Ukrainian.

The spiritual landscape of Russia and Ukraine has been dominated historically by Eastern Orthodoxy. Communist rule during the twentieth century has also led to widespread atheism. Though Protestant churches have been planted in Russia and Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, confessing Christians are a minority. Protestants are thought to number only about one percent of the population in Russia and two percent in Ukraine.

Russian is the eighth most-spoken language in the world, used not only in Russia itself but in many surrounding countries. Additionally, there are at least thirty-three million Ukrainian-speaking people worldwide. Since Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, recent studies indicate that many more people in Ukraine are making Ukrainian their language of choice.

The scale and duration of the war has led to the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, with families and individuals fleeing to neighboring countries. Millions of Ukrainian residents are also displaced within the country. Churches around the world continue to send aid, above all to share the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian books and tracts are being widely distributed in Ukrainian by several organizations. In contribution to these efforts, Ligonier Ministries has partnered with a Polish publisher to translate and distribute the Ukrainian edition of The Donkey Who Carried a King by Dr. R.C. Sproul to refugee children.

Teaching resources from Dr. Sproul and other gifted teachers are accessible on both websites and are also available on Ligonier’s Ukrainian Facebook and Instagram pages and Russian Facebook page (with a Russian Instagram page coming soon). Please join us in praying that these outreaches will encourage God’s people to grow in His truth and to boldly proclaim it.

The launch of our dedicated-language websites in Russian and Ukrainian play an important role in Ligonier’s aim to develop the world’s largest library of discipleship resources that are true to the historic Christian faith, with sustained ministry in the world’s twenty most-spoken languages in the years to come. By God’s grace, the light and hope of the gospel is reaching those who do not know God’s Word.

This international gospel outreach depends on the prayers and generosity of faithful donors such as you. Thank you for helping to translate, publish, and distribute trusted teaching in Russian and Ukrainian so that more people around the world may know the holiness of our sovereign God and His saving grace in Christ.