Apr 20, 2023

Announcing Our Dedicated-Language Website in Indonesian

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Made up of thousands of islands in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population of any country. Although it is not forbidden in Indonesia for a person to change his or her religion or to go to church, it is illegal to evangelize. Roughly 7–8% of Indonesia’s citizens identify as Protestant, yet the percentage can vary greatly from one island to the next. More often than not, Christian converts from a Muslim background will face significant opposition from their families and local communities.

Almost 200 million people speak Indonesian (also known as Bahasa Indonesian) as a first or second language, making it the eleventh most-spoken language in the world. It is a form of Malay, which is mainly spoken by people in Indonesia, but there are also hundreds of thousands of Indonesian-speaking people living abroad in countries such as the Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the United States.

Ligonier has begun to release its library of teaching resources to serve Indonesian-speaking Christians as they stand firm for the gospel and advance the Great Commission. Our new dedicated-language website in Indonesian will be home to free theological resources, including books, articles, and audio and video messages. We pray these resources will encourage and equip our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to grow in their knowledge of God.

Thanks to the generous support of ministry friends such as you, id.Ligonier.org is Ligonier’s thirteenth dedicated-language website, providing an online library of trustworthy teaching and discipleship materials. Currently, the site contains the Ligonier Statement on Christology, historic Christian creeds and confessions, and dubbed video teaching series messages from Dr. R.C. Sproul. As more resources from more teachers are added, our prayer is that this expanding library will increasingly reach Indonesian-speaking pastors, laypeople, and unbelievers from all walks of life.

Even as Indonesian-speaking believers face opposition to their faith from non-Christian family and friends, the Lord Jesus Christ is building His church. By His grace, faithful congregations are being strengthened in the knowledge of God’s Word. In addition to the Indonesian website, we encourage you to share Ligonier’s Indonesian social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to help reach the nearly 200 million Indonesian-speaking people worldwide with clear biblical teaching.

The launch of this dedicated-language website in Indonesian plays a role in Ligonier’s aim to develop the world’s largest library of discipleship resources that are true to the historic Christian faith, with sustained ministry in the world’s twenty most-spoken languages in the next few years. This international gospel outreach depends on the prayers and generosity of faithful donors such as you. Thank you for helping to translate, publish, and distribute trusted teaching so that more people around the world may know the holiness and saving grace of our sovereign God in Christ.