Mar 13, 2012

Announcing Live Stream and Social Media Activities — 2012 National Conference

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The 2012 Ligonier National Conference, "The Christian Mind," starts Thursday at 1pm EST. During the conference R.C. Sproul will be joined by Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Michael Horton, Steven J. Lawson, Albert Mohler, Stephen Meyer, R.C. Sproul Jr., and Del Tackett. Together they'll consider the importance of building a Christian worldview, the role of education in the Christian life, science and God's natural revelation, defending the faith, and many other topics.

This year's conference promises to be an edifying time of fellowship and growth for the students in attendance, but what about those who cannot make the trip down to Orlando? For them we're pleased to announce the entire conference will be streamed live.

Simply visit, give a gift of any amount to help cover this significant cost to the ministry, and we will provide you with a link to watch the 2012 National Conference live. However, if you are a Ministry Partner, attending the conference, or cannot afford to make a donation, we offer you the live stream without additional cost.

We'll be sharing the conference through a variety of social media channels too, and with your help this conference can be an even more enriching time for everyone—both those attending in person and those participating online.

Tell the World

We will be updating Facebook, Google+, and Twitter with the latest from the conference.

If you're on Twitter or Google+, please use the official #lmnc hashtag to introduce yourself to the other Ligonier students who will be attending, or append it to any conference related tweets and Google+ updates you make.

Watch the 2012 @Ligonier National Conference LIVE

For Facebook users, please "Like" the Ligonier Facebook Page and then tag us in any conference related status updates.

As we update the Ligonier Blog with highlights and news from the conference, please share our posts with family, friends, and the world.

Show the World

Throughout the conference we will be updating Instagram with pictures of the conference.

If you're uploading pictures to Instagram or other photo sharing sites, then please use the official #lmnc hashtag so we can all see them.

Download the Ligonier 2012 National Conference App

If you're atending the conference, did you know you can plan your conference experience with the official Ligonier 2012 National Conference app? View the conference agenda and create your own personal schedule as you select which sessions you plan to attend. Have easy access to the campus map, information about Orlando, and more.

Download it now on your iOS or Android device.

Register for the Conference

It's not too late to register for the 2012 National Conference. To register, please call 800-435-4343. For more information, please visit here.