Oct 6, 2022

Announcing Our Dedicated-Language Website in German

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Five hundred and five years after the Protestant Reformation effectively began in the heart of Germany, Ligonier Ministries is launching its dedicated-language website in German.

Today, the land of Martin Luther faces many similar challenges to those in his day. Faithful Bible teaching is scarce, and outright rejection of the gospel is commonplace. Whereas Germany was cast under the shadow of the Roman Catholic Church in the sixteenth century, today theological error and confusion have been replaced by bleak secularism. Many historic churches stand empty, and only two percent of Germany’s population is considered evangelical. Another recovery of the gospel is desperately needed in the German-speaking world.

Thanks to the generous support of ministry friends such as you, de.Ligonier.org is Ligonier’s eleventh dedicated-language website, providing an online library of trustworthy teaching and discipleship materials. These resources include translated articles, books by Dr. R.C. Sproul, and historic Christian creeds and confessions of faith. We pray that this expanding library, together with the German Reformation Study Bible, will help foster encounters with the holiness of God as we pray for a new reformation in our day.

Although much of the German-speaking world—Germany, Austria, and Switzerland—is characterized as post-Christian, the Lord Jesus Christ is building His church as faithful congregations are growing and new churches are being planted. In addition to the German website, we encourage you to share Ligonier’s German social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help reach the 135 million German-speaking people worldwide with clear biblical teaching.

The launch of this dedicated-language website in German plays a role in Ligonier’s aim to develop the world’s largest library of discipleship resources that are faithful to the historic Christian faith, a library we seek to make available in the world’s twenty most-spoken languages by the end of 2025. This international gospel outreach depends on the prayers and generosity of faithful donors such as you. Thank you for helping to translate, publish, and distribute trusted teaching so that more people around the world may know the holiness and saving grace of our sovereign God in Christ.