Sep 8, 2022

American Presbyterians and Revival: New Teaching Series from W. Robert Godfrey

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The church today must navigate a rapidly changing world. Amid a divided culture, many Christians face the mounting pressure to compromise their biblical convictions in the name of unity. We’re not the first to face these challenges.

In his new teaching series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey takes us back to another period of volatile transitions: nineteenth-century America. Showing how Reformed and Presbyterian Christians navigated theological controversies, cultural tensions, and even civil war, these messages demonstrate how the church of Jesus Christ can shine as a light in dark and difficult circumstances.

This in-depth historical study can help individual Christians, teachers, pastors, and small group leaders navigate changing times faithfully. Order your copy today to study on your own or with a group.

American Presbyterians and Revival is available in a variety of formats. When you order this teaching series as a digital download, on DVD, or on MP3 CD, we’ll add all eleven messages to your Learning Library so you can stream them anytime. An accompanying study guide is also available in paperback and digital formats to expand your learning with lesson objectives, Scripture readings relevant to each message, lesson outlines, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. You can also further your study online by taking the Ligonier Connect course.

Watch the first message to begin your study today.

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