Jul 19, 2022

Join Us on Our 2022 American Foundations Study Tour

1 Min Read

Christianity has been a significant influence on the American Republic from its earliest days. Do you know the riveting stories of the colonial settlers, the faith they shared, and the challenges they endured in this brave new world? Better yet, why not experience this history for yourself?

On November 5–11, 2022, we invite you to travel with us on our American Foundations Study Tour. Two of Ligonier’s Teaching Fellows, Drs. Steven Lawson and Stephen Nichols, will bring the story of this nation to life. Join us on this seven-day study tour as we explore some of America’s greatest historical sites, discover the story of the French Huguenots, and walk in the footsteps of figures such as John Wesley and George Whitefield. On this remarkable journey, encounter the faith of many of America’s earliest settlers and the enduring heritage they leave for Christians today.

Space for this study tour is limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible to ensure that you can join us this fall.