Mar 11, 2010

Acts of the Apostles: Great Resources to Complement Your March Tabletalk Study

4 Min Read

The March 2010 issue of Tabletalk unpacks St. Luke’s Acts of the Apostles through a careful, yet approachable, analysis, with hopes of encouraging readers to cherish this record of God’s redemption through the work of His Spirit in the midst of His church. Here is a list of helpful resources that will complement your study through Tabletalk this month.

Acts by James Montgomery Boice
For decades, James Montgomery Boice proclaimed the Word of God from the pulpit of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. This book is an expositional commentary on the Acts of the Apostles taken from his sermons during his lifetime of ministry. With attention to both detail and clear explanation, he applies the message of the book of Acts to Christians today.
Paperback, 454 Pages, (Retail $25) $20

Book of Acts by R.C. Sproul
Over several years, Dr. Sproul preached through the book of Acts from the pulpit of Saint Andrew’s. This series is a collection of those sermons that look to the original context and meaning of Acts to apply its teaching to believers today. Dr. Sproul deals with several important issues including the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the church, and many others.
62 messages, 1 MP3 CD, (Retail $141) $84.60

The Drama of Redemption by R.C. Sproul
This series is a fine presentation of the unity of Scripture through an analysis of the similarities and differences between the covenants through which God has governed His people and His world. The grand scope of our salvation is unfolded as R.C. Sproul looks at the covenants the Lord has made with His people in Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Christ.
Fifteen 23-minute messages, 5 CDs, (Retail $38) $30.40

The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson
Sinclair Ferguson is one of the most highly respected Reformed theologians in the church today. This book, one of his most significant theological works, deals with the Holy Spirit, the often “forgotten person of the Trinity.” He looks at the outpouring of the Spirit as the culmination of Christ’s ministry, deals with the ministry of the Spirit today, addresses the question of prophecy and tongues, and more.
Paperback, 288 Pages, (Retail $22) $17.60

The Life of Jesus by R.C. Sproul
Everyone can benefit from a good resource that outlines the basic events of the life of Jesus and their significance. The Life of Jesus is one such tool designed to give a short but thorough summary of our Lord’s ministry.
Twelve 30-minute messages, 6 CDs, (Retail $45) $36

New Testament History by F.F. Bruce
Every student of Scripture knows that an accurate understanding of the historical and cultural background of the Bible is indispensable for accurate interpretation and application of the biblical text. This work is one of the best resources on the historical background of the New Testament available, covering world history, Roman culture, and more, all of which help shed light on the New Testament.
Paperback, 462 Pages, (Retail $18) $14.40

Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free by F.F. Bruce
One of the most significant biblical scholars of the twentieth century, F.F. Bruce was known for his evangelical faith and commitment to the authority of Scripture. This classic volume is a thorough look at the life and ministry of Paul, setting the apostle in his historical context and looking at the contribution of each of his letters to biblical theology. It is a recommended resource for all serious students of Scripture.
Paperback, 510 Pages, (Retail $26) $20.80

What's in the Bible? by R.C. Sproul and Robert Wolgemuth
R.C. Sproul has labored tirelessly over the decades to get people excited about plumbing the rich depths of the Word of God. This volume is a significant part of that effort, and it concentrates on the key themes, characters, and persons in Scripture, helping readers to get a good sense of the overall storyline of the Bible. Attention is also paid to the historical and cultural setting of Scripture with a view to helping students understand the history of redemption better.
Paperback, 432 Pages, (Retail $22) $17.60

Who Is Jesus? by R.C. Sproul
This booklet is a handy tool for introducing people to the person and work of Jesus and for reminding believers of all that has been done on their behalf in Him. R.C. Sproul unfolds the significance of Christ for all people.
Paperback, 106 Pages, (Retail $7) $5.60